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The Canadian Policy Wiki is a democratic think tank. Our purpose is to join Canadians to create policies for Ottawa that are in the public's best interest. We let everyday Canadians write everything on our site. The power of people is an amazing force; this site is an attempt to use the amazing system that Wikipedia is built on to help us draft laws as one. Most current think-tanks are a few people, our wiki has thousands.

We will be posting works in progress here shortly and we can go from there. This site is open; anyone can edit any page to add their viewpoints. Each page also has a talk page where you can discuss what is on the page without changing the page itself.

Again, welcome, please feel free to register and help make Canada a better place.

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What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a type of website that allows users to add and edit content and is especially suited for constructive collaborative authoring. What a Wiki does is allow thousands of people to work on a document, in Canadian Policy Wiki, users help edit and write policy that they want to see implemented in the Canadian government. If you would like to try the wiki, please feel free to edit our sandbox to get the look and feel of how this Wiki works.

The Canadian Policy Wiki aims to suit multiple points of view. Please see our Bias Policy for more information on point of view conflicts on the Canadian Policy Wiki.

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